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Hello, thank you for stopping by at my website. My name is Steffen Dielmann and I am working as a senior consultant at MHP GmbH since 2015, where I advise national companies on the conception and development of intuitive user interfaces. My consulting focus is on the development of web applications and single page applications in the cloud – especially with Angular. Further topics of mine are virtual reality and usability & user experience.

Every now and then my website gets a more or less large update. 2020 is no exception. After playing around with a lot of technologies like three.js lately and wanting to build everything myself, I’ve now become more realistic. In addition to the full-time job and private life, it probably makes more sense to rely on fully-functional and tested content management systems such as WordPress and investing the increasingly spare free time in the content of the website.

As a developer, one often uses freely available open-source software and reads helpful tutorials from various authors. Most web front-end projects start out by downloading a huge load of dependencies from npm and as development progresses you will keep getting caught on stackoverflow or Medium because you run into sometimes more, sometimes less trivial problems. In the future, I also want to try to give something back to the developer community and to share my knowledge. This blog should focus on the problems for which there are not already a number of articles on the Internet.

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I took my first steps in programming at the age of 14 in a community college course in Visual Basic, but I first dealt with it more intense as part of my bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering. Since then I have gained insight into many different programming languages ​​and frameworks, including C ++, C #, Java, Python, PHP and above all JavaScript and TypeScript. I have been gathering professional experience in web development since my employment at MHP, especially in the agile development of single page applications with Angular in all versions.

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