Goodbye and thank you, MHP!

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Today marks the end of an incredible chapter as I bid farewell to my amazing colleagues at MHP – A Porsche Company. 🚗

I want to express my deepest gratitude to this remarkable organization for the opportunities, mentorship, and friendships I’ve gained during my time here. It’s been an incredible journey filled with growth, learning, and unforgettable experiences. 🌟

As of October, I’m thrilled to announce that I’ll be embarking on a new adventure as a freelance software developer and consultant. 🖥️ This decision wouldn’t have been possible without the support and inspiration I’ve received from all of you.

I’m genuinely excited about this next phase in my career and look forward to staying connected, collaborating, and sharing knowledge with all of you.

Thank you, MHP – A Porsche Company, and thank you, dear colleagues, for being a part of my journey. Let’s stay in touch and continue to achieve great things together! 🙌

Warm regards,

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