About me

Welcome to my world of software excellence. My name is Steffen Dielmann, a freelance software developer, consultant and software architect with a passion for crafting digital solutions that transcend expectations.

Prior to embarking on my freelance career in 2023, I held a position at “MHP Management- und IT-Beratung” for a duration of 8.5 years.

My professional journey began as a UX/UI expert and frontend developer, where I honed my skills in creating intuitive, user-centric interfaces. Over the years, I seamlessly transitioned into a full-stack dev with a strong proficiency in cloud web applications. Today, I am leveraging this unique background to engineer applications that not only function flawlessly but also delight users with their aesthetics.

My hallmark is a commitment to excellence. I am unwavering in my pursuit of clean, sustainable and high-quality code. I believe that a well-structured foundation is the key to a successful software project. This approach not only ensures efficiency but also reduces maintenance headaches in the long run.

I take pride in my efficiency. I thrive on delivering results promptly, exceeding expectations while maintaining the highest standards of software craftsmanship. My track record of satisfied customers speaks for itself, often resulting in long-term collaborations.

When you choose to work with me, you’re not just getting a developer; you’re gaining a partner dedicated to bringing your vision to life. Let’s collaborate and transform your ideas into exceptional software solutions.

If I was able to arouse your interest, please do not hesitate to contact me. Together, we’ll build the future of your business, one line of code at a time.

Recent posts

Unveiling Dielmann Consulting’s Logo

14. October 2023|

I am thrilled to introduce my brand-new logo, a powerful symbol that embodies the spirit of my recently established business, Dielmann Consulting. This emblem is more than just a

Goodbye and thank you, MHP!

29. September 2023|

After 8.5 years, I quit my job at MHP to become a self-employed software developer and consultant.

Be careful with the spread syntax of ES6

13. December 2022|

The spread syntax is a JavaScript feature that really comes in handy for several use cases. Yet there are some caveats that you should be aware of when using

First lecture at Hochschule Düsseldorf

5. July 2022|

I have just finished my first lecture as a guest lecturer at my former University in Düsseldorf, Germany. I can tell the Hochschule Düsseldorf has aged quite well. The

Custom npm registry with authentication

24. August 2021|

If you are working on an enterprise project for a large customer, you are possibly working with scoped and private npm packages. This can be libraries or utility code that

Microfrontend with Angular and Webpack Module Federation

7. May 2021|

Large software monolithes have been a common problem in business applications for years. Backend architects already came up with microservices to tackle this problem a while ago. But frontend developers

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